All You Need To Know about Starting a Side Hustle
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7 Poor Side Hustle Habits That Will Affect Your Side Business

The world has woken up to the reality that most 9 to 5 jobs can’t pay the bills. If you want to lessen your financial worries, pursue your passions, and get things you need or want, you need a side hustle. But what’s a side hustle? And how can you develop good side hustle habits?

Side hustle refers to anything you do outside your 9 to 5 job to make extra cash. 

A recent report by Henley Business school estimates that side hustle generates about £72 billion for the UK economy alone. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Interestingly, about 25% of the British population and 45% of the US workers have a side hustle outside their primary jobs. You see, side hustle is really soaring in popularity. 

However, as amazing and prosperous side hustle seems, it isn’t for everybody. I know this may sound surprising to many people, but it’s the fact.  You need to develop good side hustle habits, otherwise your side business may fail.

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Sincerely, it’s not easy to combine your full-time job with a side hustle. It requires a high level of commitment, consistency, and flexibility. 

So, if you have any of these habits, I don’t think you can be successful in your side hustle venture. 

7 Poor Side Hustle Habits That Will Affect Your Side Business

Poor time management

Time management is one of the most important skills you need to start a side hustle. It’s not easy combining side hustle with your 9 to 5 jobs. If you don’t know how to spend less time on tasks, you may find it difficult to succeed in any side hustle. 

However, if you are passionate about starting a side business, you must improve your time management skills.

How? Reading books is the easiest way to hone your time management skills. Books like 7 habits of highly effective people, deep work, getting things done, the power of habits, etc. Will make you to value your time more.

Lack of Passion 

Generally, people start a side hustle venture because of the quest to lessen their financial worries. But if making money is your only motivation to start a side hustle, you may quit in the long run. 

Honestly, it sometimes takes a while for your side hustle to start generating income. And if making money is your primary motive, you may quit after doing it for a while without result. 

However, if you are genuinely passionate about the side hustle you are doing, you won’t relent even if you don’t see results. 

Let me give an instance. My friend (Wellington) started a blog in 2016 after seeing a testimony of a blogger who was making $5000 monthly. He became so obsessed about blogging and started one without wasting time. 

But here’s the problem, Wellington never knew that success is like an iceberg. Nobody cares to see what’s beneath it, but only the surface. He failed to understand that blogging takes time, perseverance, and consistency. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any of them. So, his blog didn’t see the light of the day. 

In a nutshell, ensure you are passionate about a particular business before starting it as a side hustle. Otherwise, your business will suffer Wellington’s fate. 

You are Scared of Setbacks 

Being afraid of setbacks is one of the poor side hustle habits that could affect your business.

Of course, starting a side hustle comes with its own setback. Don’t be deceived; it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will certainly encounter setbacks and make a lot of sacrifices to become successful. 

Most times, you will have setbacks like finance, time management, ambiguous assignments from your clients, low payment, unreliable clients, late payments, etc. If you are new to side hustle, you will encounter different setbacks. 

But your ability to remain consistent and over these challenges is what will separate you from the crowd. You may find it difficult to attain success in your side business if you are scared of challenges. Surprisingly, these challenges are what make side hustle interesting. 

Unwillingness to Learn New Things 

The beauty of side hustle is that it enables you to test your idea, and still have your regular job. However, it requires you to learn new things constantly. 

Irrespective of the nature of your side hustle, you need to improve your specific skillset continuously. Otherwise, you may not get to where you aspire to be. 

When I started my side hustle as a freelance writer some years back, I learnt a lot of things relating to the niche. I learnt about SEO, developing catchy headlines, editing, and more importantly, what my audience wants to read. This contributed to my success as a freelancer. 

So, if you aren’t willing to learn new things, don’t bother starting a side hustle. 


If you are fond of waiting until the last minute before you get things done, you can’t handle a side business. Do you know why? It’s simple; procrastination has no place in side hustling. 

In case you don’t know, side hustle comes with looming deadlines. And you must meet them without excuse. Otherwise, you tend to miss opportunities, ruin customer relationships, damage your reputation, and possibly prevent you from achieving your goals. 

So, if you are a chronic procrastinator, you have to work on improving your habit before you start your side hustle venture. If not, you will ruin your great side business with your procrastination habit. 

You Don’t Plan ahead (One of the Worst Side Hustle Habits)

Combining your side business with your regular job requires a great deal of planning. You should be able to plan all your tasks so that they won’t interfere with your job. 

Planning ahead enables you to meet deadlines and manage your time better. However, if you don’t like planning ahead, it may be a bit challenging to combine side hustle with your regular job. 

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Lack of Focus

It takes a high level of focus to manage your side hustle, regular business, family, and social life at the same time. There will always be interruptions, but you must learn how to stay focused. The easiest way to remain focused is by limiting your social media interactions and creating a designated workspace for your side hustle activities. 

Side hustle is a fast-growing trend around the world. It takes discipline, consistency, and focus on being successful in your side hustle venture. 

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