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19 Passive Income Apps With Great Earning Potential

passive income apps you can start earning income with

Do you know you can earn money through your Smartphone without putting much effort? Hey! Don’t be surprised. There are several passive income apps you can install and start earning right away.

But let me ask you a quick question before I continue. What is passive income???

Basically, passive income is any income you earn without putting in much work. It’s like the money you make effortlessly. 

Most times, you don’t even need a laptop or PC to start a passive income hustle. All you need is good internet and a smartphone phone.

Do you know what I love most about passive income apps? You can use them to earn money from the comfort of your bedroom. But before you continue, check our article on 9 Super Amazing Jobs that Make a Lot of Money Online. It will give you an idea on the skills you should start learning..

19 Passive Income Apps with Great Earning Potential

In this article, I will share with you some passive income apps that you can start earning from right away.

But before you continue. It’s important to understand that it doesn’t work like magic. 

And it may need to put in little effort to get started. 

#1. Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub is an easy to use passive income platform. If you have some basic writing skills, your earning potential on this platform is endless.

The online media platform enables you to reach hundreds of millions of people with your articles. 

If you are a blogger or author, you can use this platform to discover a new audience. Also, if you need to make quick cash from your writing skills, you will find the platform handy.

Interestingly, the platform is easy to use and less complicated. Within a few minutes, you can publish your content on the platform.

How to Become an Opera News Hub Creator

Before you can start earning on Opera News Hub, you need to register as a Creator. Follow the steps below to start;

#1. Visit Opera News Hub Platform

#2. Signup using your email or Facebook (the options are there)

#3. Setup your profile. Ensure that you provide correct information

#4. Set up your payment method 

#5. Create your first content.

Don’t forget that several other people are publishing their articles on the platform. 

So, give much attention to creating engaging and viral articles of 400 words and above.

#2. Money App

Money App is one of the most popular passive income apps to earn quick cash. 

It’s easy to earn extra cash using this mobile app. All you need to do is to download the “money App” from Play Store and register your details on it.

Once your registration is complete, you can start doing little tasks on the website.

While on the app, click on the hot offers tab. That’s where you get the various tasks to complete.

There are several tasks on the platform, and they are updated daily. The app may require you to complete a survey, share a post, watch videos, etc.

But the more tasks you complete, the more money you earn. Once you earn enough, you can withdraw your cash directly to a PayPal account.

#3. Foap

Who would have thought you could earn money by uploading your photos to a mobile app? Well, Foap makes it possible.

It’s a free mobile app that enables you to sell your photos. 

The app attracts popular brands all over the world looking for images to use for commercial purposes. 

If your images are beautiful enough to be used for websites, company brochures, and products advert, this is a great passive income opportunity for you.

If your photography skills are excellent, you can also make passive income by participating Foap mission.

Most times, reputable brands like MasterCard, Pepsi, Nivea, Volvo, etc. organize a photo challenge with a brief of the type of photo they need.

Once you can submit an excellent image that meets their standard, you stand a chance of earning big on the app.

#4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards is another mobile app with passive income opportunity. It’s one of the simple apps that make money for you. Once you download this app on your mobile device, you will start getting paid for taking short surveys. 

It’s easy to start making money with Google opinion rewards; you can even take on some of the tasks from the comfort of your bed. It’s simple, register on the app, take a short survey (the survey could be in any topic). 

It has a feature that enables you to make money sharing your TV and internet usage with Google. Payments from this app go to Google play or PayPal services.

#5. Cointiply

Cointiply is one of the best passive income apps that people know little about. It’s an app that assigns you micro-tasks in exchange for free bitcoin. Of course, you don’t need a soothsayer to know that bitcoins are one of the most valuable commodities online. 

There can perform several tasks with cointiply. Some of them are; playing games, app installations, completing surveys, view ads, etc. For every task you complete, you get a fraction of bitcoin. If you are a beginner passive income hustler, you should try registering for cointiply. 

#6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best apps to make money fast. It’s available in most countries. The app has several passive income opportunities which you can explore. 

Interestingly, Swagbucks is available as both a web app and mobile app. Some of the little tasks you can perform on this mobile app to make more money are; watching videos, answering questions, surveys, and playing games. 

If you are consistent with your activities on Swagbucks, you can earn more income. You can use whatever you get from a Swagbucks to shop on Amazon, Paypal, Target, Walmart, etc.. 

#7. Perk App 

Perk app is one of the simple apps that make money online. Interestingly, the platform offers opportunities to smartphone owners to make money by completing some microtasks. Some of the activities you can do to earn money on Perk app include; watching videos, playing games, visiting websites, searching the web, etc. 

Every task you successfully complete on the platform, you earn a coin. Again, you can redeem your points as gift cards, and you can use them to shop on websites like Walmart, Amazon, etc. 

#8. Moo Cash Mobile App 

Moo Cash is one of the money-making apps for android phones. It’s easy and doesn’t take much effort to use. With Moo cash mobile app, you can earn passive income by using its free screen locker. 

In order words, the mobile rewards you anytime you unlock your mobile screen. Here’s how it works, when you unlock your mobile screen, you get an offer from the app. 

Offer from this beginner passive income app comes in form of simple tasks like downloading a promoted app, watching a short video, etc. Interesting, you can redeem the income you earn from the app via PayPal or Google reward card. 

Furthermore, every 1000 coins you earn on Moo cash mobile app is equivalent to $1. Hey! Don’t allow the earning to discourage you. It’s an excellent way to start earning passive income online. 

Beginner Passive Income Apps to Make Money Online 

If you are still a University student, take a quick look at these 21 Smart Skills to Earn Money on Campus.

#9. Scoopshot

Scoopshot is one of the most amazing passive income apps to make money online. It’s a free mobile app that enables smartphone owners to snap beautiful pictures of themselves. 

It’s a great platform to showcase your photography skills and offer your work for sale. As a registered user of the app, you can engage in tasks organized by top brands and participate in to show your skills. 

#10. iPoll 

iPoll is a mobile app with passive income opportunities. The platform pays users for participating in short surveys. It’s easy, answer questions about products and services you have used, and you will earn a point. You can redeem your points via gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

#11. Acorns

If you have a knack for investment, Acorns is one of the best passive income apps for you. Interestingly, the app doesn’t assign any task to complete before you can earn. Instead, it helps to automatically round off your change whenever you make a credit card purchase and send it to an investment account. 

For instance, if you make a purchase of 19.20 dollars with your credit card, the app automatically rounds it up to 20 dollars and helps you invest the outstanding 0.80 dollars. 

If you have been wondering how you can start investing without much capital, Acorns is a perfect platform that will help you live your dream. 

However, before this money-making app starts investing on your behalf, you will answer a few questions regarding your level of risk tolerance. From the answers, Acorns will now recommend the perfect type of investment for you. 

Unlike most passive income apps on this list, ACORNs isn’t free. It requires users to pay between $1 to $3 per month, depending on the plan they select. 

#12. Cash Pirate

Cash pirate is another great mobile app that you can start using to earn income. It’s available for androids and IOS devices.

Once you register via referral code, you will get 500 coins (equivalent to 50 cents). So, if signup on Cash Pirate, you should focus on earning more points. 

Basically, the app allows you to download some great apps and install them. For every download you do, you will earn a coin. 

It also has an option when users watch videos in exchange for coins. There are instances when the app will assign some short survey tasks. Whenever you finish the survey task, you earn a coin. 

Furthermore, you can also play your best games on the platform and earn a coin. It’s an amazing passive income app with great earning opportunities. 

#13. Cashot

Cashot is a passive income app that enables you to make money by selling some of your most amazing pictures online. It’s a bit simple to use. All you need to do is to upload the nice pictures you want to sell on the platform. And the app will upload the same image to the Depositphotos website. 

For each of your photos, Cashot sells on the Depositphotos website; you will receive a percentage of the payment. It plays the role of a photobank in your pocket as it enables you to take beautiful pictures, upload it to the website, and earn an income. 

How to start? It’s easy, download the “Cashot” app on Google play store or Apple Store, register your details and start uploading pictures. It’s that easy. The app provides passive income opportunities for both amateur and professional photographers. 

#14. HoneyMoney

Honeymoney mobile app is one of the passive income apps with great earning potential. If you have a knack for playing games, you could earn much from this app.

Registration on this app is free, and it features the following; 7 level referral income, reward for watching videos, honey box, inviting someone to use the app and earn, and a well-organized commission system. 

If you are consistent with using this app, you can earn about $50 or more per month. 

#15. Storm play

Storm play is an interesting app that’s fun to use and allows you to earn quick cash. The mobile app has a unique reward system (bolt) which you can convert into bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. 

However, the minimum amount of bold for conversion differs depending on the cryptocurrency you are converting to. 

Furthermore, there are several ways you can earn bolts from storm play. You can play games, watch video ads, complete a captcha, etc. And each of these activities come with a specified number of bolts. 

#16. WordPress 

Whenever people hear or see the word “WordPress” the next thing that may come to their mind is building a website. Well, it’s far from it. You can start earning good money on WordPress without having a website. It’s one of the passive income apps with great earning potential. 

However, it’s easier to take advantage of WordPress earning opportunities if you are a website or a mobile developer. But that doesn’t mean that without a website or mobile app design skill, you can’t earn passively on WordPress. 

Remember, it’s easier to learn in this generation. Whatever information you learn here, you can always develop it further. If you don’t want to ask us questions directly in the comment session, you can watch YouTube videos for better understanding. 

There are several ways to earn passive income online through WordPress. Some of them are; 

  • Create and sell value-added plugins. If you can create exceptional plugins that will contribute positively to any website’s performance in terms of SEO and traffic, you will start making money consistently. But it requires creativity. 
  • Develop an amazing WordPress theme. 
  • Offer to set up a blog for people using WordPress platform.
  • Start your blog. This is one of the most popular side hustles out there. It requires consistency and 100% commitment. Of course, it’s not a get rich quick strategy, but your effort will be worth it in the long run. 

#17. Facebook 

Facebook is arguably the most popular website on earth. With over 2.5 billion users every month, the social media giant is undoubtedly one of the passive income apps with great earning potential. 

There are several ways to make money using Facebook. But none of them is easy as it requires commitment and consistency on your side. 

You can create a Facebook page or group around a particular niche. After which, you start posting content regularly on both the page and the group. 

Once you grow your group members to about 15000 to 20000, you can apply to Facebook to monetize the group. By then, companies will be advertising on your group via your group. 

But it requires little effort from you to grow the group. When you grow the group to a certain level, you will start reaping the fruit of your labour. 

#18. Instagram

Several people earn their living from Instagram earning. I know this may surprise, but it’s true. Once you can build your Instagram followers to a particular level, you will start earning passive income from it. 

For instance, Christiano Ronaldo has over 200 million active followers on Instagram. And he earns about one million US dollars per paid post. That’s a lot of money. 

Besides Christiano Ronaldo, there are other people out there who create a niche for themselves on Instagram, and they are influencers that brands easily contact for awareness campaigns. 

Again, it takes time to build an Instagram account. But once you achieve a great milestone in terms of followers, you will soon be on top of your niche’s food chain. 

#19. YouTube 

YouTube is one of the passive income apps with great earning potential. Unlike in the past, it is a bit challenging these days. And if you create a content and SEO strategy for your YouTube channel, it will grow easily. 

Of course, all you need is a smartphone with an exceptional camera. You can talk about controversial topics and upload it on your YouTube channels. Once any of your videos goes viral, you could get hundreds of thousands of views. And before you know it, your YouTube channel will be monetized. 

There you go – the 19 passive income apps with great earning potentials. If you take some of the apps mentioned seriously, you could be consistently earning passively. 

Don’t forget to contact us whenever you need a guide on how to register for any of the above mentioned passive income apps.

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