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11 Illegal Side Hustles That Could Land You in Jail

These illegal side hustles could land you in jail

No matter how lucrative and promising illegal side hustles seem, they never end well. Don’t forget that every day is for the thief and one day is for the house owner. 

Engaging in illegal side hustles to make money is risky and could send you to jail. Except you want to share the same prison cell with Hushpuppi or Invictus Obi, avoid illegal activities.

An illegal side hustle is anything you do to earn money unlawfully (both offline and online). Sadly, every society frowns at it, and there’s a common punishment for illegality – jail. 

Sometimes, you may not be aware that what you are doing is unlawful. But ignorance is never an excuse in law (ignorantia juris non-excusat). So, in this article, I have highlighted 11 illegal side hustles that could put you in jail. 

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11 Illegal Side Hustles That Could Land You in Jail

#1. Stealing 

Stealing is one of the illegal side hustles that could land you in jail. It doesn’t matter whether you are stealing from people online or offline; it’s unlawful and could send you to jail. 

No country around the world tolerates stealing, not even the most corrupt ones. Whether you unauthorisedly break into someone’s house to take something or rob a bank, stealing is illegal. 

Something as little as stealing someone’s wallet or snatching their phones can land you in a correctional facility. 

#2. Sex Trafficking 

 Sex trafficking is one of the illegal side hustles that society frowns at. It’s a type of human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes, including sexual slavery. In a nutshell, sex trafficking has to do with forcing people to perform sexual services against their will. 

Sex trafficking is a jailable offense in most countries. And if you are doing it, you better stop it now before it’s too late. Trust me, prison isn’t a great place to be. 

#3. Drug Dealing 

Drug traffic is one of the most dangerous side hustles. Sadly, you may not live to tell your experience when you are caught. Do you know why? Because drug trafficking and other related drug offenses in most countries are punishable by death. 

Of course, you may make a whole lot of money selling Indian hemp, marijuana, cocaine, etc. In fact, it could make you very rich in a short time. 

But you may not live to enjoy the money if you are caught. So, you should stop it now and think of something legal and productive to do. 

#4. Bank Fraud 

Defrauding people through their bank account isn’t only illegal but also wicked. How would you collect someone’s credit bank details and BVN to withdraw their hard-earned money? Let me ask you if you were in that person’s situation, how would you feel?

Bank fraud is one of the illegal side hustles that will land you in the EFCC net. 

#5. Fake Investment Programs 

There are several fake investment programs on the internet these days. If you are among those con artists enticing people to defraud them of their hard-earned money in the name of investment programs, your days are numbered. 

But it’s never too late to stop. You may be enjoying the money now because you didn’t really work for it. However, if you continue doing it, it could land you in jail. That’s if someone you defraud didn’t catch you first. 

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#6. Internet Scam (Yahoo)

Internet scam is one of the trends in illegal side hustles. It’s an unlawful activity in which internet fraudsters impersonate themselves with pictures of beautiful people to attract online suitors. 

If you make money by faking your personality to woo wealthy people online and illegally obtain money from them, you are an internet scammer. And except you stop ripping off people of their hard-earned money, Interpols are coming for you. 

Of course, internet fraudsters are everywhere. They are in Europe, Malaysia, Africa, etc. If you decide to join them because of your greed, be ready to face the music. 

If you didn’t learn anything from the rise and fall of Hushpuppi and Invictus Obi, then you may never learn anything. 

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#7. Hacking 

Hacking is one of the illegal side hustles that can potentially put you away for a long time. Of course, not all hackers are criminals. Some engage in ethical hacking activities, which is a legal and professional career path. 

However, black hackers are dangerous criminals that you should be afraid of. And if you are practicing unethical and black hacking, you could land yourself in jail. 

#8. Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is an advanced form of fraud that entices investors to invest and pay existing investors with funds from new investors. It’s a form of investment scam that promises investors high returns and little risk. 

In 2017, a popular Ponzi scheme (MMM) scammed Nigerians of hundreds of millions in naira. While the experience deterred many people from investing in Ponzi schemes, few people are still scam victims. 

So, creating a Ponzi scheme platform to defraud innocent people online is illegal. You can be in jail for a long time for it. 

#9. Growing Cannabis Plants 

It’s illegal to grow cannabis plants in Nigeria and most other countries around the world. If the information about your illegal cannabis farming gets to the relevant authority, you may be away for a long time. 

#10. Selling Pirated or Counterfeit Goods 

Selling pirated or counterfeit versions of any brand or product is copyright infringement. And if the owner of the original takes it up with you, you could go to jail for it. 

There are several legit ways to make money online without breaking the law. It’s never a good idea to engage in illegal side hustles. It’s arguably the easiest route to prison. 

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