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14 Heartwarming Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Here are the best gifts for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are special because of the crucial roles they play in every society. And it isn’t easy to think of a world without entrepreneurs. It would be a world devoid of creativity, innovation, social change, passion for seeking improvements, etc. But what are the best gifts for entrepreneurs?

Every entrepreneur has one thing in common – they work tirelessly towards achieving their dreams. So, they have little or no time for other interests. And that’s why it’s sometimes complicated to shop for an average entrepreneur. Nevertheless, you still need to get them amazing gifts that will make them feel special. 

In this article, we will be discussing 14 heartwarming gifts for entrepreneurs. Irrespective of how wealthy your entrepreneur’s spouses, friends, or siblings are, they will appreciate the following gifts. 

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14 Heartwarming Gifts For Entrepreneurs

#1. Wireless Earpods 

Wireless earpods are one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs in the 21st century. It’s sometimes challenging for an entrepreneur to move around with cords and plugs. 

And because entrepreneurs are always on calls, wireless earpods will indirectly contribute to their business. 

With a pair of wireless earpods, entrepreneurs can easily listen to podcasts, audiobooks and take calls while on the move. Interestingly, wireless earpods are wallet-friendly; you don’t need to break the bank before you can afford it. 

#2. Temperature Controlled Mug 

Most entrepreneurs love taking coffee. They always need something to reinvigorate their strength after a long day. And a cup of hot coffee can perform the magic. 

Some temperature-controlled mugs have about 2 hours battery life. And can keep your coffee hot all day. 

#3. Amazon Echo 

Amazon echo is one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. This smart speaker features Alexa, which can effectively function as a virtual assistant to any entrepreneur. 

Depending on how it’s programmed, it can read the daily news, play music, order for pizza, and even call an Uber. It can handle a whole lot of things for entrepreneurs. 

If entrepreneurs can choose a birthday gift, most of them will always go for Amazon echo. 

#4. Hydra Smart bottle 

The hydra smart bottle is one of the most amazing gifts for entrepreneurs. It features bluetooth, a speaker, a charging station for phones, radio, party lights, and a bottle opener. 

#5. Portable Scanner 

Portable scanners are an important work tool that every entrepreneur will appreciate. They constantly scan contracts, business cards, and other important documents. And with a portable scanner, entrepreneurs can handle most of their scanning tasks without stress. 

#6. LivePlan 

LivePlan is one of the online gifts for entrepreneurs. It helps them to come up with effective strategies that will help them grow their business. 

The tool is relatively affordable, as it costs about 12 dollars per month. 

#7. Magic 8 Ball 

Magic 8 ball is an exceptional gift idea for entrepreneurs. It helps them to make tough business decisions. The tool is affordable, and you don’t need to stress your wallet to get it. It costs about 6 dollars on Amazon. 

#8. Get them Good on Business and Personal Development Books 

Books are one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. They provide entrepreneurs with valuable lessons that will help them grow personally and professionally. 

Here are some of the books most entrepreneurs will so much appreciate; 

  • Grits by Amanda Duckworth (The power of passion and Perseverance
  • The five minutes Journal (find your passion in 300 seconds)
  • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday 
  • The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown

#9. Garmin Forerunner 735

The Garmin Forerunner 735 is a great gift idea for entrepreneurs. It keeps track of your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep, location, and your fitness. It’s a bit expensive (about $500). But it’s one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. 

#10. ZoJirushi Mug

The ZoJirushi mug is one of the most affordable fashionable gifts for entrepreneurs. They can keep their beverages inside this mug and always take it to wherever they are going. 

It features a well-designed exterior, one-handed usability, easy-to-clean interior, and foolproof lock. If the entrepreneur on your list has a taste for beautiful things, the Zojirushi mug is a perfect gift for them. 

#11. Tile Mate 

Tile Mate is a small device that helps to keep items like wallet and keys safe. Attach it to your keys or wallet; once you misplace them, you can always track the item using the Tile mate attached to them. 

Tile mate is affordable, and most entrepreneurs on your list will love it. 

#12. A Nice Notepad 

Unlike what most people think, the value of a gift item isn’t determined by its price tag. But the intention behind it. 

Generally, entrepreneurs love notepad because it allows them to jot ideas quickly as they come. They also use it to plan their activities and to-do lists. Most times, entrepreneurs always carry their notepad with them whenever they go. 

#13. A Big White Board 

Have you noticed that most entrepreneurs have whiteboards in their offices? While in the office, they use it to plan their days and follow it sequentially. It’s a perfect gift for entrepreneurs. 

#14. Portable Charger (Power Bank)

Most times, entrepreneurs are always on long flights, several days conferences, running meetings outside the office, etc. However, a portable power bank could be highly valuable when your phone or bluetooth headphones are running low and need to be charged. 

Again, these portable chargers are affordable, and entrepreneurs appreciate them a lot. 

These are some of the best gifts for entrepreneurs. Most of them are affordable and contribute to the success of entrepreneurs. 

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